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Change through empowerment

Yes We Can is about more than economic empowerment; it’s about personal growth, and Nondinaye is a walking example of that. She is a rape survivor who has now become one of our tutors after being trained by Yes We Can. She started sewing by hand and now has her own industrial sewing machine bought by herself at home in Mfuleni, a township half an hour from Cape Town. After her ordeal, Nondie returned to Rape Crisis Centre where she had received support to recover from sexual violence as a sewing tutor and trained a few ladies from Rape Crisis in Khayelitsha.

She has advanced in leaps and bounds, finding new purpose in the work she does with us. Not content to simply be another face in the crowd, Nondinaye excelled as a seamstress, quickly becoming a facilitator who leads her own sewing classes! She has taught many hours of practical knowledge to our students.

A champion for women’s empowerment and an example to all those rebuilding their lives, Nondinaye has taken charge of her future and doesn’t plan to stop here! She is bringing up her grandchild due to an unplanned pregnancy of her sixteen-year-old-daughter, who unfortunately could not take care of the child herself. This, Nondinaye, 40 years of age, is managing through sheer hard work, resilience and a positive attitude towards life.  

She now shows others that it is possible to bounce back after crisis. In doing so, she has became a source of inspiration and hope for we all. We are very proud for being part of her journey. Nondie is a testament to how Yes We Can has been achieving real social transformation in its three years of existence.

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