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Yes We Can South Africa Foundation started in 2017 and has offered sewing and entrepreneurial skills training to more than 1500 women from disadvantaged communities in Cape Town. Our affordable classes cost R 120 for three hours, and what the learners create in classes, they take home to show their family, community, schools, future potential clients, as a process to start their entrepreneurial journey. After 5 classes, the student receives a certificate. As a mobile sewing and business school we are able to extend our reach traveling to other organisations such as libraries, places of worship and community halls where the training takes place. Our teachers are our previous students who now run classes by themselves. The same group of teachers form our team of permanent seamstresses. All our ladies have a sewing machine at home. While they sew, they look after their children. They do not spend money on transport either. It is compulsory that they open bank accounts to learn how to manage and save their money.

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To create and maintain a sustainable educational programme that equips youth and women with skillsets to develop themselves and maintain their livelihoods.

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For youth and women to replicate the programme model in their respective communities; ensuring longevity of it and its self-sustainability as well as creating self-employment and generating income for themselves and for others.

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