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We believe that social development goes hand-in-hand with the planet's sustainability! 
In an effort to make our creations more and more environmentally friendly, all our lining and teaching fabric are from re-used materials.

In this process we also learned that recycling is a win-win situation for our customers and for us. Using recycled fabrics cut costs, allowing us to offer more affordable products, to better remunerate our craftspeople and to invest in better equipment.

Big South African retailers like Foschini Group and Cape Union Mart use us as scrap deposit for fabric and promotional banners that are out of circulation. They also donate spare thread that their machinery no longer uses. From Foschini alone, we receive four tons of materials per year which we use to make clothes and to sell lappies to petrol stations, mechanics and panel beater businesses. This is also an income generator stream for our organization. 

We are also concerned with the insertion of our residues in other productive cycles. It will be a long journey, but our long term goal is to be an organization committed to the circular economy, which goes beyond the strict focus of waste management and recycling actions, aims to minimize resource extraction, maximize reuse, increase efficiency and develop new business models.

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See the transformation that we can do with waste fabric.


On the hands of our seamstress, we give a second life to promotional banners.


We also recycle clothes that are damaged.