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How our products are made and why they are special

Yes We Can markets the stunning and indigenous shweshwe style of textiles. But what ends up as a beautiful backpack or skirt has humble beginnings.

The project buys the fabric and gives it to the ladies to make the products. On completion of the sewing, they are paid for labour and the products are taken into stock. The project only gets its money back once the products are sold. All profits go back into the business.

We also use recycled fabrics. We believe that social development goes hand-in-hand with the sustainability of the planet, and we strive to make our creations eco-friendly. All our lining is from re-used materials. Recycling fabrics also cut costs, allowing us to pay our craftspeople better wages and improve our equipment.

As the townships of South Africa do not have the luxury of electricity, all of our products were initially made by hand. However, thanks to generous donations, some of our members have received second-hand sewing machines. They could also buy

them by themselves. All our ladies have a sewing machine at home. While they sew, they look after their children. They do not spend money on transport either.

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