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New Partnerships, Renewed Growth

Updated: Jul 5

The title of this article embodies our partnership with Mr. Tendai Nyanguru as well as his personal and professional development. Growth is like a circle that expands as one forges new partnerships.

Mr. Nyanguru joined Yes We Can South Africa Foundation in 2022 when we required his assistance with our PBO status (Public Beneficiary Organization) and compliance. He explained that such processes may take time and require patience, which clients often do not understand. However, in his partnership with YWC, he expressed happiness working with us due to our patience and understanding. His work for us includes the work of an accountant and compliance. Tendai has been a valuable resource, assisting us in the growth of the organization and always having us compliant with all statutory bodies in line with the Companies Act and Tax Administration Act. This has helped us to achieve black empowerment and we are proud to be Level 2 B-BBEE contributor status. Just to confirm his worthy and drive to learn he was in Burkina Faso, West Africa, for a week with another nonprofit organization for a conference on nonprofit organizations’ funding and reporting.

Thanks to the advice of his sister-in-law, Tendai decided to advance himself by obtaining qualifications and skills. He expressed his frustration with the job market, having worked as a mechanical professional and petrol attendant. In Zimbabwe, he ran a spaza shop until the government started destroying structures, leading to his loss of everything. He then moved to South Africa in 2011.

Having completed several degrees, including a degree BSc in Applied Accounting at Oxford Brookes University, obtained ACCA membership (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and multiple short courses in Finance Management, Administration, and Bookkeeping, Tendai always aims to expand his skill set and knowledge. He drafts contracts, invoices, monthly back reconciliations, monthly management reports and handles admin for YWC. He explains that accounting has always been a part of him since his school days, where teachers would direct students to him for assistance with their work.

Tendai noted that his salary did not increase as he obtained better qualifications, so in 2023, he decided to start his own business, Ace Virtual Bookkeepers. Having obtained his qualifications and gained extensive experience, he realized his potential and ventured out on his own. Like all entrepreneurial ventures, it has been challenging. The working hours are longer, but being a family man, it is advantageous to have flexibility while working from home. “I feel I’m doing well. The inflow is good,” he said. He expressed that the best part of his business is interacting with people, especially those who are key in the community and the country.

Recently, we were awarded the tender by the City of Cape Town for the 6-week sewing program for women. It was here that his invaluable knowledge was utilized as he was one of our facilitators. While women were learning how to sew, the lessons were accompanied by business development classes, where Mr. Nyanguru’s expertise and practical experience were invaluable. One of his booklets covers information about what a business is, how to start it, costs, funding, location, regulations, budgeting, customer care, and more.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Tendai wishes to grow his business and employ at least five people in an office rather than working from home. He would also love to continue the partnership he has with YWC, as he expressed that it is not just our CEO but the entire team that is great!

Let partnership, human connections, and excellence be the moral of this story. In a business where lives are impacted, it is vital to maintain healthy human relationships as we grow professionally.This is at the center of our ethos: we aim to assist women with skills while recognizing their full humanity, fostering a sense of family.

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