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YWC fight against Covid-19

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Our contribution to fight Covid-19 started right back when it all happened and our country was shut down middle March 2020. We began, during those early weeks, to make washable masks, even before it became mandatory! We have now made 20 000 masks, with over half of them being donated to various communities and health care facilities, hospitals and shelters. The masks are sold for R15 each, we have taken into consideration that we need to look after and keep in mind the poorest in our communities! This has only been possible as the majority of our fabrics are donated by individuals and organisations for which we are extremely thankful. The masks are made with 3 layers of material - abiding by the strict Covid regulations!

We have also made 2 500 medical caps for health workers, who are facing the virus daily to save lives. By wearing the cap they are preventing the risk of leaving their hair exposed. We made them in vibrant colours to uplift health workers' spirits!

The ladies at Yes We Can South Africa Foundation came together to create the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of which we have already made 300 units, most of which were bought and are being worn by Social Workers and Counsellors fighting against Gender-Based Violence who visit survivors in hospitals, so must be protected against Covid. We have made the PPE that they are wearing, so that they can safely continue this vital work. The profits for these outfits are very low (the short sleeved ones costs R149 and the long sleeved ones are R199) – they are re-usable, can be washed and are waterproof.

We believe we are doing all we can to be socially responsible. We have a driver who delivers all the fabrics to our seamstresses in the communities and collects all completed facemasks and any other items sewn and related to Covid. Our ladies do not need to leave their homes and catch public transport, and they save time not having to travel around the place picking up fabric and delivering stock! Once the completed stock has been collected we use a local courier to send the orders throughout the province to arrive the next day!

YWC provides all of our sewing ladies with sanitizer, which is given to those who do not have running water and electricity in their homes. To our ladies who do have running water and electricity we give them a natural liquid soap, which we buy from the Saartjie Baartman Centre, in Athlone, Cape Town. We provide them to the ladies so that they can continue making masks, etc under the strict Covid protocols when it comes to keeping ones hands clean!

We have approached the market and have organised with several companies to make face masks with their logo printed or embroidered on the one side. At present we have an order of 150 of these. We hope will turn into larger orders and go nationwide! We do cater to the clients specifications! We believe everyone has a duty or role to play to help end this pandemic.

If you want to support Yes We Can South Africa Foundation to fight this virus, you can do it in many ways. Any support is welcome and highly appreciated! Check out our Donate Section here.

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